Interactive Programs

Designed for smaller group, grade-level instruction, our Interactive Programs are based on the life sciences and can truly replace grade-level field trips.

Owl Pellet Dissection

Owl pellet dissection is part of an interactive program.

Each grade-level program consists of a 45-minute assembly, followed by separate small group sessions for up to two classrooms. Groups rotate to different hands-on centers with consumable items during the 35-minute session. Pricing for this program is on a per-student basis and is determined by the required consumables.

Interactive Programs Offered:  

  • Kindergarten – Animals All Around:  A brief look at all animal groups and characteristics.
  • 1st Grade – Web of Life:  We explore the relationship of plants and animals, along with their needs and uses.
  • 2nd Grade – Life Cycles:  We compare the metamorphic process of both insects and amphibians, looking at the characteristics of each animal group.
  • 3rd Grade – Animal Adaptations:  We discover the adaptability of birds, identify the characteristics and specific body structures, dissect owl pellets, and explore food sources.
  • 4th through 6th Grade – Owl Pellet Dissection: We look at at birds and their structures, identify the adaptability of owls, dissect owl pellets, and explore a dichotomous chart.

4th – Environments, food web, reconstruction based on pellet contents.
5th – Identify skeletal structures and compare them to human anatomy.
6th – Dichotomous chart to identify specific food sources.