School Program Pricing

Science on the Go offers a variety of affordable presentation formats to fit the needs of your school. In general, the cost for our instructional assemblies is much more economical than a field trip to the museum!

Each instructional assembly supports up to 100 students.

Each instructional assembly supports up to 100 students.

    • Assembly prices start at $425. Costs are calculated based on the programs needed. Please contact our office directly for an accurate, customized quote.
    • Up to five grade-level instructional assemblies may be scheduled per school day.
    • Each presentation can accommodate up to 100 students maximum.
    • Series Presentations consist of a 3- or 5-day program.
    • Interactive Programs cost $6.50 per student, with a 60-student minimum.

Please call us at (714) 693-7255 for help determining which programs are best for your students.

If anticipated enrollment for a program exceeds 500 students, please budget funding to allow 1 ½ to 2 full days per unit.