School Science Assemblies

Science On The Go’s educational science assembly programs are carefully crafted to ensure that science subjects come alive for student participants. Presentations are modified appropriately for each grade level ensuring that both the curriculum and vocabulary follow state grade level standards and incorporate student visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skill requirements throughout. 

Science On The Go's instructional assemblies incorporate California state science standards.

Science On The Go’s instructional assemblies incorporate California state science standards.

As California’s Department of Education transitions to the new the national Common Core StandardsScience On The Go is ready to respond and adapt its curriculum to meet the very latest standards criteria.

Science On The Go assemblies incorporate a 32-foot visual display with both live and preserved specimens for a unique hands-on learning experience.

There are a total of 17 regular science assembly topics from which to choose. Schools may select one assembly topic per day and schedule up to five one-hour presentations on the chosen topic. Each presentation session can accommodate up to 100 students.

Special interactive programs that combine an entire grade-level assembly with smaller group hands-on follow-up sessions are also available.

Star Test LogoOur California State Testing Preparation assemblies can help prepare students for this important part of their education by providing small group instruction, vocabulary development, and additional hands-on activities. Our experience has shown that test scores improve, for English language learners especially, due to the direct connection of our science vocabulary words with the actual objects they describe.

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